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Application: MP-PIRL used for corridors and storage aisles to save energy. MP-PIRL is a kind of high quality sesnor with movement detection and lights power switch on/off function. MP-PIRL also has Lux detection function, which is useful when daylight is used for energy saving purpose. Time can be set before lights off when MP-PIRL detects no action in its area. MP-PIRL can detect long distance area upto 25m

Size: 150mm(L)*70mm(W)

Weight: 0.25Kg

Key Features

MP-PIRL is very powerful and easy to use in offices buildings' corridors or storage aisles of shops;

it combines motion-detection / Light level (LUX) detection / Settable Time Delay (before lights off) and Loads Direct Control (LDC) into one;

Detection range: 6 degrees, 10m strong detection zone, and 25m secondary detection zone when mounted between 2.2m and 3m height

Time can be set as: 10s, 20s, 40s, 80s, 2.5min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 40min,

Lux: 10 to 1000 lux and maximum (photocell inactive) at the PIR switch

Relay output: 5Amp for all kinds of lighting load


MP-PIRL successfully used in lots of offices buildings and factories