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Type: MP-iPAD-I

Application: MP-iPAD-I is a kind of Din-Rail interface module, which can be used to accept TCP/IP signal (from laptop or mobilephone) and convert TCP/IP signal to be RS485 output; MP-iPAD-I can receive RS485 commands and convert RS485 commands to be TCP/IP commands; MP-iPAD-I module is often used in smart home (Deluxe villa or serviced apartment), together with iPAD iPhone and Wi-Fi router.

Size: 76mm(L)*92mm(W)*60mm(H)

Weight: 0.4Kg

Key Features

MP-iPAD-I  is a kind of Din-Rail module,

MP-iPAD-I  supports both TCP/IP and  RS485 protocols;

With Wi-Fi router, MP-iPAD-I can receive and translate control commands wirelessly from iPAD or iPhone,

and send commands to other modules of Micropara Controls, or reversed direction.

MP-iPAD-I module needs power from MP-PSU of Micropara Controls, or other kinds of 9~12VDC power unit;