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Type: MP214-35-RS485

Application: MP214-35-RS485 is a kind of fluorescent lamp T5 digital dimmable ballast, suitable for two sets of T5 lamps with power between 14W and 35W; standard RS485 interface; MP214-35-RS485 is often used in office meeting rooms and hotel guestrooms, like T5 light slot or fluorescent downlight

Size: 360mm(L)*30mm(W)*26mm(D)

Weight: 0.65Kg

Key Features

Universally suitable for dimming of T5 lamps with power between 14W and 35W, like 2*14W 2*21W 2*28W 2*35W;

MP214-35-RS485 will detect the power automatically and generate the corresponding PWM dimming output for  2 sets of T5 lamps;

Dimming range: 0-100%, smoothly, no flicker

built-in relay switch off power when MP214-35-RS485 receives (Zero level) commands from system or control panel,

so switching control modules are not necessary at all.

Input Control Signal: RS485 digital commands

Output : PWM,  40KHz~100KHz