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Type: MP-0501-600

Application: MP-0501-600 is a kind of lighting fixture with CREE LED lamp which can be used to replace the traditional low voltage halogen lamp 12V 50W /90W /120W ; MP-0501-600 can accept current between 300mA and 700mA; it has lumen output up to 310LM at 300mA, 425LM at 600mA, or 459LM at 700mA; MP-0501-600 is very suitable for hotels renovation, save 80% power energy comparing with 12V 50W halogen lamp.

Size: Height: 95mm, Diameter:50mm (same as diameter of MR16)

Weight: 0.3Kg

Key Features

CREE LED, the best LED lamp of the world,  50000hrs service life.  Ra>84;  2600K~3000K;

5 sets of CREE LED are used inside MP-0501-600;

With 25℃ surrounding temperature, Custom-Made Heat Sink makes sure that 

surface temperature of heat sink not more than 50℃ at 350mA ; not more than 70℃ at 600mA;

MP-0501-600 has the same size (Diameter is 50mm) as MR16 lamp,

so MP-0501-600 can be used to replace 12V 50W halogen lamps easily;

Dimming of MP-0501-600 is also possible when dimmable driver MP-LED-600 is used together;

Dimming Range: 1-100%;


For hotels renovation application,  owners only need remove old 12V 50W halogen lamps to be

MP-0501-600 and MP-LED-600;        NOT necessary to change original wirings and dimmers;


Your slight change will save BIG money and time for yourself !