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Application: MP-RCU-MB module is the important unit for guest rooms control system of hotels; MP-RCU-MB module accepts signal from ESD (energy saving device); when a guest inserts his card into ESD, MP-RCU-MB will automatically call 'welcome' scene; when guest leaves and takes card out, MP-RCU-MB will call 'energy saving' scene. MP-RCU-MB can send 'clean' or 'DND' or 'Alarm' status to the reception via TCP/IP network; MP-RCU-MB can communicate with HVAC or other 3rd party system with RS485 protocol;

Size: 160mm(W)*90mm(H)*58mm(D)

Weight: 1kg

Key Features

MP-RCU-MB module has 8 digital input terminators which can be connected with SOS signals

or push-button signals of control panel or sensors;

MP-RCU-MB module accepts signal from ESD (energy saving device) and supports both simple ESD and intelligent ESD;

MP-RCU-MB module sends the status of 'Clean' or 'DND' or 'Plz Wait' of the rooms to the computer of hotel reception;

MP-RCU-MB module has 2 sets of independent RS485 terminators,

one for communication with other Micropara Guestroom Control System (MGCS) modules inside the room,

another for communication with the 3rd party devices, like HVAC or audio system;

MP-RCU-MB module has TCP/IP function, it can communicate with the software in the computer of hotel reception;

MP-RCU-MB module can be controlled wirelessly with Wi-Fi or GSM or GPRS;