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Type: DI0405

Application: DI0405 is a powerful Din-Rail phase dimming module, which is very suitable for villas apartotels and guest rooms; It can be used by the owner to change the light levels of incandescent lamps or LED lamps inside their living room and bedrooms and create dynamic colors and effect

Size: 232mm(W)*90mm(H)*50mm(D)

Weight: 2kg

Key Features

Phase control dimming for incandescent lamps (main or low voltage) halogen  led lamps, leading edge type

Each channel capacity up to 10Amp @ 240VAC.  Total load of DI0405 is 12Amp@240VAC

Each channel can be set as switching channel or dimming channel by programming

Each channel with a relay rated at 40Amp@240VAC, when this channel's level more than 95%,

relay will be on and bypass Triac unit, so no heat  at all when channel is FULL ON.

Built-in heat detection function, when temperature more than preset value (45dg), built-in fan will

run automatically,  when temperature lower than preset value, fan will stop automatically.

Each channel with a micro-pushbutton which can be used to dim up / dim down the channel's level

Support both DMX and RS485 RS232 protocols, easy to be used as part of theatre DMX control system

DI0405 can be connected with other system easily, like BA BMS CRESTRON AMX and so on

Alarm signal input terminators accept volt-free control signal from other system, like Fire Alarm System