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Type: DH0416

Application: DH0416 module can be used to switch all kinds of load, like incandescent HID LED fluorescent and so on; DH0416 can also be used to provide 0-10V dimming signal for those lighting fixtures with 0-10V dimmable interface, so DH0416 can change light levels of (Compact) fluorescent lamps /LED/ HID lamps with Dimmable Ballast, especially in meeting room and office

Size: 160mm(W)*90mm(H)*58mm(D)

Weight: 1kg

Key Features

Each channel switching capacity up to 16Amp @ 240VAC,  all kinds of load.

Each channel dimming signal capacity up to 70mA sink current and source current

Support both DMX and RS485 protocol, easy to be used as a part of theatre DMX control system

Manually override function for each channel, lights can be switched on even though system breakdown

Manually dim up or dim down the light level of each channel

Alarm signal input terminator, accept control signal from other system